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Voice Lessons


  • Voice (8 years - Adult)
  • Singing Lessons (Beginner - Advanced)
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Song/Speech Delivery
  • Audition and Performance Preparation
  • Radio/Media Voice Over Technique


I offer voice lessons to increase vocal strength and stamina for the vocalist,  Lessons will provide an opportunity to increase vocal range and health. In addition to improving; breathing, phrasing, and articulation.  Students will also acquire communication and song delivery technique.


Captivate, Engage, and Convince Your Listener


In our journey we will carefully analyze and evaluate lyrics, and we will provide the necessary steps in becoming and expressive and effective communicator.  This class will provide the tools to enable the vocal artist to provoke an emotional response from one's self and their listeners.  We will do this by careful discovery and recognition of the true meaning of the music and lyrics.


Remove your Obstacles, Engage your Audience
Capture your Confidence, & Release your Potential!



The Voice is an instrument, and it is important to learn to use it and care for it, in a way that will promote endurance, for you and your vocal goals.  Enjoy singing night after night, year after year, knowing you have the tools for vocal longevity. Additionally, connecting with your music and audience is equally as important. It takes time, dedication and critical thinking skills to develop this art and depth to understand what the lyric is trying to communicate. 


Below are the descriptions of the teaching programs I offer. All weekly scheduled lessons are taught from the studio, however, I do travel to studio sessions and other events upon availability.


  • Voice Lessons and Vocal Performance Preparation
  • Increase Vocal Strength, Stamina, Range & Health
  • Improve Breathing, Phrasing & Articulation
  • Acquire Communication & Delivery Technique
  • Music Theory
  • Analysis, Critique, & Pre-Performance Reviews
  • Performance and Audition Preparation
  • On Location Services/Coaching - Travel Fee's May Apply

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For the Love of Music,

Senya Borrelli

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