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"Health is Wealth"


With all the world wide health scares
in the last few years as well as being
a piano and voice teacher where I am working
in close proximity to others.
I have an increased interest in finding
natural ways to incorporate healthy habits,
and giving my family the best opportunity possible
to sustain good health, energy, and focus.

In addition to that, I have always been
curious and fascinated by my students health
and nutrition and how it affects the learning process.

I have been teaching private
and group piano lessons for over 27 years.
I have seen it all, and I have often wondered and researched ....
How does nutrition positively or negatively
affect a students mind-set, outlook, attitude,
and perspective regarding ones ability.

Is it possible to give students a better chance
at optimizing memory and attention,
staying focused and supporting brain health?

And how does that affect their self confidence,
self image, self esteem and self respect?

As for my performing artists...
I notice they have their own set of concerns. 
The desire to look and feel great inside and out,
is a necessity for the performers overall marketing package.
Aspirations of a healthy glow from skin,
hair, physical stamina and mental clarity
are constantly sought after by those who love the stage.
Nutrition is an essential part of the performing artists toolbox for success!

So... I reseached Ha Ha... :-)
If you know me that means I went crazy
turning every leaf, and trying all sorts of
vitamin and supplement combinations and products. 
I have been relentless on seeking information
on how to keep up my energy and focus
for my family as well as my students.

In addition to that, I am known for
always searching for ways to give myself,
my husband and my 3 children a
nutritional advantage to reach goals in
whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.

I have two teenage boys who play football
and train hard in the gym and on the field,
My daughter is a competitive dancer,
so all 3 have physically demanding lifestyles.. 
It has always been important to me,
to provide them with the nutritional support
they need to meet their goals.

I will be 50 years old in June and I realize
now more than ever that I want to be able
to keep up with my children and family schedules
as well as continue to enjoy teaching for many years to come.

Well, I finally found something,
and due to the drastic change I have experienced 
I decided I want to be able to share this with you.
Because I feel great... and maybe you want to feel great too???

I have noticed a positive change
in myself on these supplements.
I have personally experienced a
renewed sense of mental clarity and
physical wellbeing that is undeniable.

For that reason I have officially partnered with the company
and have decided to share my story.  And if you know me :-)
You know I have gone above and beyond to educate myself
on the products we offer as well as research the science. 
I am proud to say this is worth sharing!


I found something that reduces oxidative stress by
40% in 30 days and 70% in 90 days,
neutralizes over 1,000,000 free radicals,
and increases glutathione by 300% and so much more!
With 7 patents! There is nothing like it on the market

And there is no way we could eat 400 oranges,
500 cups of broccoli, 110 cups of blueberries,
and 120 vitamin C tablets every day all day long!!! Ba haaa!

But this little yellow activator does the job
of all the antioxidants in the food listed above!

Additional 3rd party research was done by over
30 independent studies and was validated by
The National institute of Aging and in laboratories
of the following respected Universities,
and now I think there are even more, but here are a few 

Harvard University
Ohio State University
Texas Tech University
Louisiana State University
Colorado State University
University of Colorado Denver
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Florida
University of Kentucky
University of Michigan
Vanderbilt University
Northwestern University
Glamorgan University, Wales
Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden
University of Montreal, Quebec Canada
University Hospital, Brno, Czech Republic
Mexican Institute of Social Security, Mexico
VU University Medical Center, Neuroscience Campus
National Institute on Aging
Denver Medical Center
Denver Childrens Hospital
....and more

In addition to clinical trials,
respected peer-reviewed publications
have backed up the science including the following
Mainstream Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals:

- Free Radical Biology and Medicine
- Enzyme Research
- Circulation
- American Journal of Physiology-Lung
Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Click here for:
Dr. Sanjay Gupta book excerpt from Chasing Life: on Protandim
Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a practicing neurosurgeon
and is multiple Emmy®-award winning chief medical correspondent.

I am a researcher and I am very particular
about the supplements I take and give to my family
I was amazed to find out about all of the
Independent Studies and Universities above
who have spent millions researching this product.

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Feel Better, Do More

Senya Borrelli