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Underestimating the Power of a Hug?

Published: Apr 19, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

Given everything going on in this crazy world, I will spare you the examples, but we could all use more hugs in our lives.

Now I know some of you will ask what about the “pandemic”, however, putting that aside for a minute or two, understand that there are many benefits a hug will bring to your life. The promote health, create happiness and in some cases can calm someone.

I’ll be honest, in the past few weeks, many people have began giving me hugs again and I love every single one of them—again, do you and your own comfort level.  But it got me thinking about the benefits of a hug because its always been stated that hugs improve health.  But I never researched it before, I took people at their word or some random news report.

Is it true that studies show that hugs have been proven to boost our immune system, lower blood pressure and heart rate, make us feel safe, increase our self-esteem, and allow us to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves?

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