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My Health Journey

Published: Jan 15, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

Photo Shows 10 Months of "Activation vs Supplementation"
Everyone is different, so there are no promises or claims
but here is my timeline journal below.

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* Nov 2020 - Left Photo taken at a friends party
Obvious visual inflammation issues
Pain in shoulders, hips & knees
Trouble Sleeping, Premenopausal
Sluggish, Tired, Overweight, Brain Fog, Migraines
* Feb 2021 - Started Activation without any expectation,
Assumed it was gonna be the same ole story,
but I was desperate to get my energy and motivation back.
and to my surprise... instantly started feeling better!
Better yet, the more time that passes
I continue to note improvements.
Needless to say, and I am committed to share!

* Dec 2021 - Right Photo taken Dec 2021,
as I dedicate myself to sharing my story.
My shoulders, hips & knees are Pain Free :-)
Allowing me to be more active again!
I am feeling better, sleeping through the night and 
I now enjoy Mental Clarity & have shed over 30 pounds!
I'm feeling so great and shed that weight, so this Nov 2021
I decided to head back in the gym!
I'm thankful that I am feeling capable and motivated to  
participate in the activities I love.
Hoping to gain a little muscle this year.
At 49, Im realizing it's even more important than ever.

* Jan 2022 - Feeling Better and Doing More and I'm Grateful.
I am hoping you will join me, we are better together.
Setting and reaching goals is more fun with friends.
Consider this an Invitation.
Lets do 2022 Together!

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