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Piano-n-Voice now at Ron Nunn & Brentwood EL!

Published: Jan 6, 2016  |   Category: Announcements

New for Spring 2016!

Piano-n-Voice is proud to offer services through the Delta Education Foundation in the Brentwood Unified School District for Ron Nunn Elementary and Brentwoood Elementary Schools.

Curriculum for Ron Nunn Elementary Kindergarten classes will be the Musicopolis Play a Story Method and student & parent support materials will be included.

Delta Education Foundation is a non-profit organization in Northern California dedicated to coordinating after school enrichment programs to support and enhance the quality of K-12 public education in Brentwood, Oakley, and Discovery Bay.

Please visit the Delta Education Foundation Website for more information and registration:  www.tdef.org
You can also read more about the Delta Education Foundation in the "Brentwood Press".
Click here for article.

Piano-n-Voice Class Description for Ron Nunn and Brentwood Elementary:
Experience Musicality with Piano-n-Voice!  This a a great way to expose your child to music.  Learn musical theoretical concepts and how to navigate the piano! Students will study musical scales and chords, sing songs with the class, and practice vocal and breathing exercises. Steady beat and rhythms will be studied and experienced through fun games.  Teachers will provide the keyboard piano and materials in the classroom.

Class time thrives with energy and fun!  It is engaging and provides encouragement, accountability, and incentive; promoting progress, with the keys to musical creativity and self confidence!  This time is favorably broadened by participants input and breakthrough moments.   

Participatory and observatory training/coaching will be provided.  Opportunities are provided to absorb new information with diversity before the student is asked to duplicate or self-generate; allowing for light bulb moments, comprehension and understanding.

Students will gain performance experience during each class by demonstrating their understanding of new concepts on the piano.  Stimulate your child's artistic creativity and boost motor skill development while enjoying musicality!

How do these classes differ from studio classes?
This class is different than our studio classes, it is a combo class and is not offered here in our studio.  It is geared towards those exploring and practicing basic beginner musical skills.  For specialized music training, please contact us for more information.


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