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New Features on the "Better Practice App"

Published: Jul 21, 2015  |   Category: Announcements


We have good news!  New features on the Better Practice App!

Hi Better Practice Teachers,

We hope you are doing well. It’s time again to share with you the latest features that have been released over the last month. We’ve been focusing on making in-lesson operations faster so you can spend more time with your students. We’re also giving students more practice choices to better match their practice needs.

Selective Assigning and Unassigning within Groups
Have you been in a group lesson and you’d like to assign something to just one individual or perhaps unassign only those who have mastered a particular piece, but leave the assignment on for the rest who require extra time? Now, you can selectively choose who in the Groups area, so you don’t have to switch over to specific individuals and come back. This is a great time saver.

View Group Books
We’ve expanded the group books area to show which student has what books. You can use this new view to ensure that all the students within the group are in-sync without having to go to the individual area to check. Another big time saver.

30 Day Practice View
Need more than a one week view of the students’ practice? There is now a 30-day view of your students' practice grouped by how much the student has practiced. This makes it very easy for you to see where you may need to step in, spot check a particular area, and reassign if needed. This view can be found on the students' practice history screen. Students also have this view accessible from their practice screen, so they can see how well they are practicing and adjust their practice as needed.

Practice Times
As requested, we will now make practice times more prominent in the app. Previously, the app tracked time but it was not displayed to the student. Now, students will see how much time they are spending on each piece as they practice and after they are done. You will also see the times per item in the practice history view.

Selectable Practice Lists
Better Practice now supports different practice lists so that students can tailor their practice sessions according to their preference. The selectable practice lists are located near the top middle of the practice screen underneath the date. Tap on this selector and choose the appropriate list. In the future, we will be adding even smarter practice lists to make practice even more tailored and more effective.

Other Enhancements:
Improved handling of Mac’s Safari autofill feature that affected creating new students
Improved support of custom studio logos in the app
Renamed Chord exercises to friendlier “Practice" and “Game"
Added 9th chord diagram (SM Only)
Added B#, Cb, E#, Fb to chord practice and game
Fixed issues where search results were not appearing in Practice Something Else for particular devices
Improved sorting of current assignments and scheduled assignments
Improved sorting of songs in the book preview
Support for long group names on smart phones
Fixed issue where some were having problems creating new custom books
Fixed issue where if the teacher cancels edits on an assignment, the previous values are restored

Enjoy these new features.  We’d be happy to help you out and even walk you through these features if you’re interested.

Also, in the near future we will be moving to a 5 scale rating system for practice. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know.

The Better Practice Team!

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