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Diamond Hills Sports Club

Published: May 27, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Diamond Hills Sports Club & Spa in Oakley, Ca 94561
Now Offering...
Early Childhood Music and Movement!

Kids Make Music
- (Ages: under 6 years old)

Diamond Hills Members Only: 
"In the Kids Club Play Center"  wink
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Club Membership is required to participate.
Additional Class Fee's may apply
Diamond Hills Front Desk:  (925) 420-4575
Classes begin in June 2015
Minimum of 5 students, Maximum of 10 students

(Sing-n-Play w Senya)

Following the: Music Rhapsody Curriculum

The young child will sing, dance, and play instruments. Solo singing is encouraged to develop listening, pitch-matching, and language skills. Concepts such as high and low, soft and loud, up and down are taught in a game-like atmosphere. Puppets, felts and props add to the special music making experience.

Other benefits: Improves coordination. Through movement and playing, a sense of timing, phrase, and form develops. Helps young children express their feelings productively, develops their imagination and ability to focus, and increases self-confidence. These classes will lead into the extremely successful, non-traditional Simply Music   Piano Program!  Please bring the Blue Kit to each class. At-home participation with your kit is the key to the full benefits of the program.

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