“Believe you can and your halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Music & Memory

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People have long known that music can trigger powerful recollections, but now a brain-scan study has revealed where this happens in our noggins.  Learn More here: .....Read More

Inflammation and Concentration

Published: May 4, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

Want to activate your body’s own powerful antioxidant defenses to help you stay healthy every day?.....Read More

Healthy Habits

Published: Apr 22, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

Wow! I was featured in the 110 Magazine!  With all the world wide health scares .....Read More

My Crystal Quest

Published: Apr 22, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

I am so grateful to the people I am meeting on this journey; it has opened my eyes to things I never noticed. Never in a million years would I connect crystals to healing. Upon first glance, I assumed they were for home decorating and je.....Read More

Better Sleep, Better Days

Published: Apr 22, 2022  |   Category: Inspiration, Recommended Reading, Recommendations and Reviews

With everything going on in the world I can’t help but realize it is sometimes hard to shut my mind off and go to sleep. Sometimes, I am even waking up in the middle of the night. .....Read More

Friends and Laughter

Published: Apr 22, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

The saying goes that one should choose their friends wisely. Or perhaps be a friend to get a friend. .....Read More

Underestimating the Power of a Hug?

Published: Apr 19, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

Given everything going on in this crazy world, I will spare you the examples, but we could all use more hugs in our lives. .....Read More

Divorcing Sugar from my Coffee

Published: Apr 18, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

One thing I have promised myself to do over and over during my health journey is to be curious. Before you can adjust one’s lifestyle one first has to identify the issues. .....Read More

Curiosity for a Healthy Lifestyle

Published: Apr 17, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

Turning 50 in June does something to a person. You begin thinking about your life in ways you may have never thought about. For those of you 50 and beyond, you probably know what I am talking about. .....Read More

Facebook and Instagram

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Hello! Here are my social media links Follow me here: Facebook Instagram To follow my column in East County Today Use this link: Activate with Senya www.activatewithsenya.com.....Read More

My Health Journey

Published: Jan 15, 2022  |   Category: Announcements, Inspiration, Recommended Reading

Photo Shows 10 Months of "Activation vs Supplementation" Everyone is different, so there are no promises or claims but here is my timeline j.....Read More


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Virtual lessons and COVID-19

Published: Mar 20, 2020  |   Category: Announcements

Active as of MARCH 13th, 2020.....Read More

Recommendations and Reviews

Published: Jan 5, 2020  |   Category:  Recommendations and Reviews

How do you feel about your Piano-n-Voice lessons with Senya Borrelli? What classes do you take? Piano, Voice or Both?.....Read More

I love these guys! AMAZING!

Published: Dec 11, 2019  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!

Wish I was there is in person to see this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8nBzrhd8Ro&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3Z6OBIZG1keHCNvlH4bE9MW6NQtmFDA11noVNtBio-sI-tsuKfOPpF0JE.....Read More

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holiday!

Published: Nov 22, 2019  |   Category: Inspiration

I am Thankful for all of my students! I learn as much from them as they learn from me! All of you are amazing inspirations to me, I am so lucky.  Be inspired, live and love :) Happy Thanksgiving & enjoy this beautiful video by Jon Schmidt from The Piano Guys https://youtu.be/8P9hAN-teOU.....Read More

Approved Homeschool Educator for:

Published: Nov 13, 2019  |   Category: Announcements

Charter/Homeschool Approved Educator: Visions in Education  .....Read More


Published: May 26, 2019  |   Category: Inspiration

There is so much more to Accompaniment I than just accompaniment! If "scale" is the skeleton of music, then chords are the "meat." Chords are where everything begins so a thorough understanding of chords opens the doors to improvisation and composition, enables students to interpret any piece of music (such as how the treble and bass clef are related and the .....Read More

Why Group Lessons?

Published: Apr 27, 2019  |   Category: Inspiration

Students find great success and satisfaction in the group learning environment. Groups are successful for several reasons. ?  .....Read More

Piano Coloring Pages!

Published: Feb 19, 2019  |   Category: Inspiration

Click the link below for your little ones :-) https://www.momjunction.com/articles/piano-coloring-pages_00369341/#gref.....Read More

Homeschool Specials

Published: Aug 28, 2018  |   Category: Announcements

Special rates have been designed for my home school special!   Learn to play the piano in a fun setting, be musically inspired by others, and make friends along the way!    I also offer ongoing piano or voice private, shared and group lessons at an annual tuition rate.  Contact me for more information.  .....Read More

Pioneer Elementary Fall 2018

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Garin Elementary Fall 2018

Published: Aug 20, 2018  |   Category: Uncategorized

Homeschool Specials

Published: Aug 4, 2018  |   Category: Announcements

    “Musical Morning” Special (2018/2019)     Now Enrolling for Fall 2018   .....Read More

Preschool Sing-n-Play

Published: Aug 4, 2018  |   Category: Announcements

Musical Morning Specials Offered for Preschoolers! Sing-n-Play Shared/Group Class Monday @ 10:00am Thursday @ 10:00am Call for 2018 session dates  .....Read More

Senior Specials!

Published: Aug 4, 2018  |   Category: Announcements

Senior Musical Morning Specials 2018   Experience Musicality with Piano-n-Voice! Have you ever dreamed of playing piano?  It's fun! Learn how to navigate the piano and play songs. I offer both private and group lesson specials for seniors.  Stimulate your artistic creativity and enjoy musicality! Hope to see you there! Enrolling Now! .....Read More

Piano-n-Voice in YOUR School

Published: Jul 22, 2018  |   Category: Announcements

Looking forward to Fall 2018!  I will be offering afterschool enrichment at Garin Elementary and Pioneer Elementary! To sign up for these programs you must be a student at the school.  To register please visit  www.TDEF.org See you soon!.....Read More

Fall 2018

Published: Jun 23, 2018  |   Category: Announcements

Piano-n-Voice with Senya Borrelli is proud to offer services through the Delta Education Foundation in the Brentwood Unified School District. I have been with Delta Education Foundation since 2016 teaching after school enrichment. The 2018-2019 Fall Schedule will be released soon! Go to:  www.tdef.org   to enroll for your afterschool enrichment! See you soon!  .....Read More

Musical Morning Special Fall 2016

Published: Aug 11, 2016  |   Category: Announcements

“Musical Morning” Special (2016/2017)   Wednesdays 10-11am     This program is taught by Senya Borrelli (925-584-9740).  Special rates have been designed for homeschoolers in the Vista Oaks Charter School and Visions for Education programs.  Learn to play the piano in a fun setting, be musically inspired by others, and make friends along the way!  Learn great-sounding contemporary, classical, blues, jazz and accompanime.....Read More

Piano-n-Voice now at Ron Nunn & Brentwood EL!

Published: Jan 6, 2016  |   Category: Announcements

New for Spring 2016! Piano-n-Voice is proud to offer services through the Delta Education Foundation in the Brentwood Unified School District for Ron Nunn Elementary and Brentwoood Elementary Schools. Curriculum for Ron Nunn Elementary Kindergarten classes will be the .....Read More

Need an Instrument?

Published: Nov 5, 2015  |   Category: Announcements, Instrument Appreciation

Piano's, Keyboard's, Guitar's and More!   Contact Geddes Music Store right here in Brentwood! ALL About:  Geddes Music Store New & Used Gear.....Read More

Truly Amazing!

Published: Oct 21, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!

This is Truly Amazing, Talented Young Children. What gifts they have!  .....Read More

Diamond Hills Member Appreciation Week!

Published: Oct 19, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Sing-n-Play with Senya in the Kids Play Center Free Event for Diamond Hills Members! Tuesday, November 3rd  9:30-10:00am & Thursday, November 5th 9:30-10:00am For more information contact: Diamond Hills Sports Club: 925-420-4595 ~ ~ ~ .....Read More

Musical Mornings

Published: Oct 17, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Musical Mornings New For Winter/Spring 2016!   Musical Mornings are Beginners Group Piano Classes offered at "very special rates & times".  The special rate only a.....Read More

Debit & Credit Cards Accepted!

Published: Sep 9, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Hello.. Senya here, I am excited to announce that I am finally accepting payments online!  The link below will allow you to make an online payment if you are a student of Senya Borrelli.  Please DO NOT use this link if you are another teachers student.  Piano-n-Voice teachers are not employee's of Senya Borrelli or Piano-n-Voice.  All payments must be made directly to your teacher. Here is the link:  .....Read More

Sing-n-Play w Senya @ Diamond Hills

Published: Sep 8, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

Hope to see you tomorrow at Diamond Hills in the Playcenter @ 9:30! Sing-n-Play w Senya! Fun with Instruments, Stories, Puppets & More! .....Read More

Today @ Diamond Hills!

Published: Aug 28, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Hello! Senya Again! Friday, Aug 28th and Monday Aug 31st from 8:30-10:00am I will be at Diamond Hills Sports Club, Oakley in the Lobby! Come visit me and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the ongoing Early Childhood Music and Movement class at Diamond Hills on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:10 in the Kids Playcenter new for 2015/2016! Let me know what days and times your hoping for classes in the playcent.....Read More

Be Yourself! ~ I love this Quote!

Published: Aug 1, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration

  "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson   .....Read More

Diamond Hills Playcenter Classes

Published: Aug 1, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Hello! Senya Here, Letting you know that: MONDAY, AUG 3rd 8:30-10:00 I will be at Diamond Hills Sports Club, Oakley in the Lobby. Come visit me and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the ongoing Early Childhood Music and Movement class at Diamond Hills on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:15 in the Kids Playcenter new for 2015/2016!  .....Read More

Now Enrolling! Preschool & Kinder Students

Published: Jul 23, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

Piano Preschool & Kinder   (Ages 4-7)   A (Mommy/Lifecoach) & Me Class   Meets 1x per week, for 30 minutes   Materials required   Start Date: Sept 1, 2015   Ms. Senya: Call or Text (925) 584-9740     Location: Celebration Christian Preschool     * Senya will be answering questions & taking       enrollmen.....Read More

New Features on the "Better Practice App"

Published: Jul 21, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Hello! We have good news!  New features on the Better Practice App! Hi Better Practice Teachers, We hope you are doing well. It’s time again to share with you the latest features that have been released over the last month. We’ve been focusing on making in-lesson operations faster so you can spend more time with your students. We’re also giving students more practice choices to better match their practice needs. .....Read More

The Simply Music Gateway Project

Published: Jun 11, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!, Benefits of Music and the Mind, Simply Music News

What is this special project all about? "We're calling it the Simply Music Gateway program. It's the development and production of an adaptive piano curriculum. It's the first of its kind, designed specifically for children with significant learning differences, including those on the Autism spectrum. Our commitment with this project is to complete its development and then give the program away, absolutely free, to every family in the world who has a child with sp.....Read More

Time Magazine: Music Can Change the Brain

Published: Jun 1, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!, Benefits of Music and the Mind, Recommended Reading, Instrument Appreciation

Great Article in Time Magazine, about how science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear. Click here to Check out the Article!.....Read More

Recital 2015 - Steinway Piano Gallery

Published: May 30, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Summer 2015 Recital .....Read More

Diamond Hills Sports Club

Published: May 27, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

Diamond Hills Sports Club & Spa in Oakley, Ca 94561 Now Offering... Early Childhood Music and Movement! Kids Make Musi.....Read More

Joey Alexander - Behind the Scenes

Published: May 13, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!

Go behind the scenes with the uniquely gifted pianist Joey Alexander for his debut album "My Favorite Things" out 5.12.15!   .....Read More

Keeping Score with the San Francisco Symphony

Published: Apr 30, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!, Benefits of Music and the Mind

Here is a wonderful resource:  Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony’s DVD Keeping Score: Mahler – Origins and Legacy has been awarded the most prestigious German recording award, Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik, by the German Record Critics' Award Association! Click here for More Information.....Read More

How singing together changes the brain.

Published: Apr 29, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!, Benefits of Music and the Mind

Tania de Jong AM makes the case that people singing together can change the brain. Pushing the idea that creativity is the strategic tool of the 21st century...   .....Read More

At it Again! We Love the Piano Guys!

Published: Apr 29, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!, Instrument Appreciation

These guys are great! .....Read More

A-rhythm-etic: The Math Behind the Beats

Published: Apr 12, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!, Benefits of Music and the Mind

Ready to Dance in your seat? Check this out! The Math behind the beats. .....Read More


Published: Apr 11, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration

7 Ways His Special Needs Brother Taught Him The Real Meaning Of Family, putting things into perspective......Read More

Baby Born Without Eyes

Published: Apr 11, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!, Benefits of Music and the Mind

A baby born without eyes, does amazing things at the piano, This story is truly inspiring, click here for the whole story......Read More

Fall 2015/2016 Open Enrollment

Published: Apr 8, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

  Fall 2015 Open Enrollment: April 15th - June 15.....Read More

Innovator and Class Act

Published: Mar 30, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!

Justin Timberlake is an Inspiration to so many and is a Class Act, here is his Innovator Award Acceptance Speech @ 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards    Here is a Man who .....Read More

Derek Paravicini - British Musical Savant

Published: Mar 26, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Benefits of Music and the Mind

This is a truly inspiring young man   .....Read More

The Next Mozart? 6-Year Old Piano Prodigy Wows All

Published: Mar 22, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!

6-year old Emily Bear has wowed audiences from the White House to her own house. Playing the piano since age 3, Emily also composes her own music. Has WGN-TV discovered the next Mozart?   .....Read More

Giving a Chance to A Young Talent!

Published: Mar 21, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!

This is truly wonderful. Amira Willighagen - O Mio Babbino Caro - HD - Andre Rieu (Love in Venice) Maastricht - 2014 .....Read More

The Integral House

Published: Mar 18, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration

This is truly amazing. Integral House was designed and built by James Stewart, a mathematician, musician and philanthropist. Documentary film maker Joseph Clement introduces us to the house and to the life of James Stewart. Mr. Stewart was little recognized outside math circles until he built Integral House, the $32-million architectural showpiece where he.....Read More

Quotes - Plato

Published: Mar 16, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration

I would teach children... .....Read More

Wow Taylor Eigsti - Amazing!

Published: Mar 15, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!

At a Jazz Masterclass at Stanford University with musical child-prodigy and jazz maestro Taylor Eigsti. He spoke of his approach to seeing chords entirely as shapes, then proceeds to improvise around random chords called out by teachers in attendance. He's truly extraordinary. To learn more visit his website: www.tayloreigsti.com. His recordings are available on iTunes......Read More

Trust Your Hustle

Published: Mar 13, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Recommended Reading

Trust Your Hustle - and Live an Unexpected Life! Do you want to be remembered for doing something in life you’re not yet doing?  We’re all busy and overwhelmed with the obligations and expectations of life. At the same time we want to be more, do more, have more, and become more. But we get “taken out” by life and we lose our way. Then we never get around to doing that thing we secretly want to be remembered for. T.....Read More

Now Offering Music Rhapsody!

Published: Mar 13, 2015  |   Category: Announcements

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Early Childhood Music Education in our Studio, for Toddlers make Music, and Kids Make Music with Music Rhapsody for Fall 2015! This Early Childhood Education Program is amazing!   “The Oppenheim Award was given to Lynn Kleiner’s (The Creator Of Music Rhapsody) instrument/DVD kits. The award is given by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, whic.....Read More

You are Musical!

Published: Mar 13, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Ain't Got Rhythm?

Music is Fun! And Everyone Can Play... Even if you think you are not musical!   .....Read More

Incredibly talented kid singing!

Published: Mar 11, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

Incredibly talented kid singing,  Love this!  To whoever you are, keep using your talent to lift others.   You are amazing.   .....Read More

The Steinway Piano

Published: Mar 10, 2015  |   Category: Announcements, Instrument Appreciation

A World of Excellence is the first documentary of its type. It is exciting to know that during our recital you will all play on such a beautiful and amazing instrument!     Since 1853, Steinway pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty, and investment value. Steinway.....Read More

9 Year old Piano Player Wows Judges!

Published: Mar 9, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!, Benefits of Music and the Mind

Adrian, a 9-year-old, piano-playing smarty pants wins over the judges with his charm and amazing musical skills. See him rock the keyboard. The kid prodigy wows the audience with his rendition of Chopsticks and classic piano piece, "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." See another astonishing piano moment from Adrian Romoff! .....Read More

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Published: Mar 7, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Benefits of Music and the Mind

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. The name of the talk is Do Schools Kill Creativity?  .....Read More

Dogs Can Sing too!

Published: Mar 7, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

We are not the only ones who love to be a part of the music!   .....Read More

Study in the Journal of Social Science

Published: Mar 6, 2015  |   Category: Benefits of Music and the Mind

A study in the journal Social Science Quarterly reveals that music participation, defined as music lessons taken in or out of school and parents attending concerts with their children, has a positive effect on reading and mathematic achievement in early childhood and adolescence. Additionally, socioeconomic status and ethnicity affect music participation.  Click here for more info......Read More

Single Mom's Lullaby Goes Viral

Published: Mar 5, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration, Why We Love Music!

This Single Mom of 4 Whose Lullaby Went Viral Is Now Being Courted for Major Record Deals! Kimberly Henderson first got pregnant at 16 and is now raising four kids as a single mother. Though she went to nursing school, she always loved music and tried to make time to perform. One night in December of 2014, she filmed herself singing to her youngest child, Vaida, when the then-1-year-old wouldn’t fall asleep. Her sister convinced her to upload the video of her singing .....Read More

Man Puts iPhone inside his Guitar!

Published: Mar 3, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration

This is so Cool!  .....Read More

Unlocking the Mind

Published: Mar 3, 2015  |   Category: Benefits of Music and the Mind

There is no greater gift than unlocking the mind. She spent a lifetime inspired by music and it gave her an awakening once again. Visit www.musicandmemory.org to learn more about this inspirational outreach of music. .....Read More

Pretty Cool

Published: Mar 1, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

The Voices are the only Instruments! Naturally Seven gets Creative with a new arrangement of "Feel it in the Air Tonight"   .....Read More

The Gift

Published: Feb 24, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration

The Gift of Music, It Keeps on Giving!  George Horner, 90, is the oldest musician to make his debut in Boston’s Symphony Hall. During the Holocaust, he played music to lift the spirits of other prisoners, and shared some of those arrangements during a concert organized by the Terezin Music Foundation. .....Read More

Comp and Improv

Published: Feb 23, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration

In this epic overview, Michael Tilson Thomas traces the development of Improvisation and Composition in classical music through the stages......Read More

Philosophy of Life

Published: Feb 19, 2015  |   Category: Inspiration

Philosophy of Life   .....Read More

Gotta Love This!

Published: Feb 16, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

This is beautiful! "My Way" by Andre Rieu - A renowned Dutch violinist, conductor and composer, and his orchestra did a tribute to Frank Sinatra with My Way on his Stradivarius violin at Radio City Music Hall – New York. Hope you enjoy this lovely and moving piece of music. Click here.....Read More

11 Facts About Music Education

Published: Feb 15, 2015  |   Category: Benefits of Music and the Mind

Eleven Facts About Music Education.....Read More

Wow This Little Girl is Amazing!

Published: Feb 14, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

Recommended Reading!

Published: Feb 12, 2015  |   Category: Recommended Reading

The Inner Game of Music - Learn skills to overcome self-doubt and fear of failure.....Read More

This is Great!

Published: Feb 10, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

Love This!.....Read More

Music and Memory

Published: Feb 9, 2015  |   Category: Uncategorized

Music and Memory helping elderly residents and facility patients. Visit www.MusicandMemory.org for more info!  .....Read More

Our Children, Our Future

Published: Feb 7, 2015  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

We just never know!  .....Read More

Beneifts of Music and The Mind

Published: Feb 7, 2015  |   Category: Benefits of Music and the Mind

Exercise for your Brain?   Read This Article.....Read More

Recognizing Patterns and Sentences!

Published: Dec 31, 2014  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

This is Great!  Two Song Mash up by Louisa Wendorff  .....Read More

Wow! Thank You CeeLo

Published: Dec 16, 2014  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

This is amazing "Mary Did You Know" by CeeLo Green Official Audio Here is the Video from the mini series The Bible What a beautiful representation. Breathtaking.....Read More

This is beautiful! Happy Holidays!

Published: Dec 10, 2014  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

"Home Free", Singing "Angels we have Heard on High".....Read More

What Everyone Needs to Know

Published: Mar 24, 2014  |   Category: Announcements

Safety Alert   .....Read More

Piano Party Details...

Published: Mar 18, 2014  |   Category: Announcements

Piano Party is Wednesday, March 19th 2014 12-2pm.  Location and other details have been sent to your emails. See you there! .....Read More

Harmony's are Heaven on Earth!

Published: Mar 17, 2014  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

These guys are great!  Click here for Mike Masse and Jeff Hall   .....Read More

March 2014 Performance Opportunties

Published: Feb 23, 2014  |   Category: Announcements

March 2014 Piano-n-Voice Party and Performance Tour have been scheduled!  Let me know if you are interested in sharing your musicality with others! RSVP will be required by March 7th, so that I can finalize our plans. All Students please check your email for the details! .....Read More

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Published: Feb 23, 2014  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

Never Judge a Book by its Cover To see why: Click Here   .....Read More

Ain't Got Rhythm?

Published: Feb 9, 2014  |   Category: Ain't Got Rhythm?

The first thing most people say when they call me...is I'm not musical, Let me just say, DON'T force it!  Watch this funny video, we don't realize that multiple times a day we are more musical then we think!  Just one example here. Have fun! .....Read More

Another Reason Why I Love Music!

Published: Feb 3, 2014  |   Category: Why We Love Music!

There are so many reasons, but one reason I can start with is: Breaking the "rules".. Is sooo much fun! Think outside the box, expand your creativity and be rewarded.  Just one reason I'm hooked on The Piano Guys: Love Cold Play and I'm also now a big fan of Alex Boye, Wow!  Thank you to my student - you know who you are... for te.....Read More

New Studio Address!

Published: Feb 3, 2014  |   Category: Announcements

October 1, 2013 New Address: 8375 Brentwood Blvd, Suite D Brentwood, Ca 94513 .....Read More