“Believe you can and your halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt


  • Piano Lessons (8 years - Adult)
  • Private, Shared, and Group Lessons offered
  • It's Never to Late to Learn to Play Piano
Learn to Play : 

  • Contemporary and Classical
  • Gospel, Jazz, Blues, and Pop 
  • Accompaniment and Arrangement
  • Songwriting, Composition and Improvisation


For me happiness is being Simply Music Piano Teacher!  Simply Music is the largest playing based music education institution in the world. We offer many of their unique and innovative programs.   If your child is under 12, plan to attend lessons and learn to play piano along with your child at no additional cost!  Click here for information about how to choose an instrument.

The Simply Music approach focuses on the fun and sheer pleasure of playing music!

From the very beginning, this piano playing based method has you playing a huge variety of music including composing, improvising, arranging, playing accompaniment, classical, blues and jazz, understanding and reading music, all done by Simply Music's unique, "playing based" approach.   

Everyone is musical, whether we realize it or not our ability to walk and talk demonstrates a profound mastery over complex rhythmical and musical concepts – this is our natural ‘musicality’. We use this natural musicality in conjunction with our revolutionary approach to music education and have students immediately playing great-sounding music with ease at the piano.



There are four distinguishing features that separate Simply Music from other, traditional programs:


  • The quantity of music that students learn
  • The quality of music students immediately learn to play
  • The speed of progress
  • The ease with which students experience the process


Who can benefit from learning from the Simply Music Program?


  • Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors
  • Total Beginners
  • Students with prior experience
  • People with special needs, including cognitive delays and physical limitations
  • People who believe they are not musical

This remarkable and fun approach has students of all ages playing great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues, jazz and accompaniment pieces, immediately, from their very first lessons! 

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For the Love of Music,

Senya Borrelli

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